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Insurance is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when embarking on a self-build project. However proper protection is an essential ingredient of your planning process as a serious accident or incident could have catastrophic consequences.

Clearly insurance on the structure of your hose is a priority, but what about raw materials or plant on site? A building site is recognised as being a hazardous environment - what can you do if an employee, a  visitor or indeed a voluntary helper is injured?

Even if you have just purchased the site and are awaiting for the building work to commence you could be held responsible if for example a child or other person were to be injured, and many lenders will require Public Liability cover to be in place once contracts have been exchanged.

Underwritten by Zurich Insurance Company Ireland Ltd t/a Eagle Star our Self Builder Insurance product is backed by one of the world's leading Insurers, and provides the financial credentials to satisfy all lenders.

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