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The following links from our Self Builder Insurance web-site maybe of assistance to you in your project.

At Self Builder Insurance we try to ensure that all links from our site are to reputable firms who will be able to assist you in your project. Self Builder recommends that you visit these sites - however inclusion of these sites as a link from Self Builder is not an endorsement of these firms and the products or services which they offer.

Building Materials/Products
Professional Services
This accountancy firm will provide specialist advice for property developers in minimising your tax liability and maximising the return from your project. Hyland Johnson Murray will also provide a full range of auditing and business advice services for your firm.
This agency can provide specialist advice to ensure that you maximise the value of your development.
Contact: Ger O'Callaghan of Remax at his e-mail address here, mentioning Self Builder Insurance.
  • Barry M O'Meara Solicitor:
This solicitor can provide a conveyancing services for your one off new build and specialises in providing conveyancing packages for developers
Contact: Barry M O'Meara at his email address here, mentioning Self Builder Insurance.