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If you are renovating or extending your house by direct labour then you need a Self Builder insurance solution. Our Extension Renovation cover provides the following:

Public Liability:

This covers you in respect of your liability to members of the public, which can normally arise when people come on-site and have an accident. (i.e. children playing on-site, or people looking at your house for ideas for their own. Our policy provides a Limit of Indemnity (the maximum amount payable inclusive of legal and other costs) of up to €2,600,000 any one claim, and unlimited in any one Period of Insurance.

Employers Liability:

Like it or not for the purposes of your project you are deemed to be an employer, with all of the responsibilities this entails. These include a legal responsibility to provide a safe place of work. As Employees are specifically excluded under a Public Liability Policy, you need to arrange Employer's Liability insurance, which is included automatically under our package, providing a Limit of Indemnity up up to €13,000,000 any one claim.



Property Cover (Extensions Only)

This provides property cover for your new extension until it is completed and incorporated into your household insurance

Safety Statement (Optional)

As an employer you are obliged by law to comply with Health & Safety Legislation. To help you meet this Self Builder Insurance can arrange for our Health and Safety consultants to call and meet you on-site. You will be provided with expert advice tailored to your site specific Safety Statement, and our consultant can be called on at any time during your project to give you ongoing advice and help.
This is an optional service designed to provide a clients with a "one stop shop" for insurance and risk management, and there is an additional charge involved.

Policy Term

Our standard policy provides cover for periods from six months to one year depending on your requirements.

Flexible Payments

Ask us about flexible payments to suit your requirements

If you would like more information or a no obligation quotation just complete our on line form below, and we'll get straight back to you.