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If you are building your new house by direct labour, than you need a Self Builder Insurance solution. Our new-build package provides the following as standard:

Public Liability

This covers you in respect of your liability to members of the public. This usually occurs when people enter your site and have an accident (.ie. children playing on site, other people looking at your house for ideas of their own etc.). Our Self Builder Insurance policy provides a Limit of Indemnity (monetary amount of cover) of up to €2,600,000 any one claim.

Employers Liability

For this project you are an employer and you maybe responsible for an injury to many of the people working on site, if you have not complied with with your legal requirement to provide a safe place of work. Self Builder Insurance provides you with a limit of indemnity (monetary amount of cover) of up to €13,000,000 any one claim.

Property Cover 

Under this section of your policy you have "All Risks" cover in respect of your house as it proceeds through each stage of construction, together with your building materials on site. Hired-in plant is additionally covered up to a limit of €10,000 any one claim, under your Self Builder Insurance policy.
From our experience the main losses which can occur on site are fire, theft, storm and malicious damage - each of these are covered under your policy.

Safety Statement Service

As an employer you are required by law to comply with Health & Safety Legislation. To help you meet this need Self Builder Insurance arrange for our Health & Safety consultant to call and meet you on site, provide you with all the necessary advice, and draft a bespoke Safety Statement. This service is available throughout the duration of your project. (See our Safety Page for more information).

Policy Term

Our standard Self Builder Insurance policy provides cover for up to two years, allowing you plenty of time to finish your self-build project.

Flexible Payments

Ask about flexible payments to accommodate your requirements and suit your stage payment schedule.

Letter of Indemnity Service

Self Builder Insurance guarantee to have a Letter of Indemnity (a cover-note required by lenders before the release your loan cheque), issued by fax, within one working day of receipt of all documentation and payment (cheque/credit card/completed direct-debit mandate).

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