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At Self Builder Insurance we have access to the services of our sister company Campion Moloughney who have many years experience in advising clients on and obtaining mortgage and home financing products at the most advantageous terms

Whether you are a first time buyer, trading up (or down), re-mortgaging or re-financing, we have the knowledge and experience to find you the most appropriate deal.

Our aim is to be a one-stop shop for your Project Insurance and Financing, and together with Campion Moloughney Self Builder Insurance can provide you with an unique service, allowing you to get on with the important business of building your dream home, without the stress and hassle of dealing with a number of separate advises. 

Campion Moloughney is regulated by the Financial Regulator as a Mortgage Broker and Advise. Remember your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on it.

Why Choose Us?

When you apply for your mortgage be it for your Self Build project or the purchase of an existing new or secondhand home, you are most likely making the most important investment decision of your life. It is essential therefore that with the sophistication and constantly changing nature of the mortgage market that you obtain the best possible advice!

Where We Deliver:

Self Builder Insurance have access to all the major financial institutions but being entirely independent, we have no particular affinity to any.

Our object is to obtain for you the most appropriate and advantageous home loan package aligned to a service second to none! Need more information? Just drop us a line!