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Do I need a Self Builder Insurance Policy - I already have cover through my bank?

The policy issued through your bank normally provides Fire Only cover on the structure, and has no element of protection for your Employer's or Public Liability exposures, let alone materials and plant on site. The bank insist on their cover just to protect their financial exposure (i.e. your mortgage) in the event your property is destroyed by fire.

Why should I take out a Self Builder Insurance Policy if all my Contractors have their own cover in place?

Where their is no principal contractor appointed (i.e. where you are acting as project manager yourself), it is vital to ensure there are no gaps in cover.
If for example there is an accident on site and it is unclear who exactly is responsible, you will most likely be joined as a co-defendant by the injured party. Depending on the severity this could jeopardize the whole enterprise or even bankrupt you.
Additionally although it is your responsibility to ensure all contractors have cover in place, this can be very difficult to police, especially as tradesmen are in such high demand.

Do I need to take out Fire Cover in addition to my Self Builder Insurance Policy?

No - Our Self Builder policy Property Section provides more cover than that required by your lending institution. Additionally Self Builder Insurance guarantee to have your letter of indemnity issued to your lender within one working day of receipt of full documentation.

My House will be built in less than a year - can I take out a Self Builder Insurance Policy for one year only?

Our policy is designed to provide sufficient time for you to complete your build comfortably. However many building projects over-run and accordingly Self Builder Insurance allow a generous two year period to complete the house. Self Builder Insurance do not offer a shorter term under our policy.

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